Batman vs Superman review without spoilers


Batman vs Superman Review


The second movie from the DC Universum has been released and I was really excited even before the release. You can read down below if Batman vs Superman actually was able to fulfill my expectations.

Maybe we should make the difference to the Marvel movies clear because they are the best way to compare other super hero movies.
Like in the „Man of Steal“ is the atmosphere much darker. The world they are living in is also way more distopic and the heroes are trying to search their place in the society. Some guys like this others don’t. Personally i prefer this kind of setting more than the one marvel uses but that is up to everyone.

I can only recommend to watch the movie in a tmax because this is a whole new and better experience compared to a normal cinema.

Lets get to the music.Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL (yes that is his real name) did a really nice job there. the Sound is perfectly fitting to the movie because the music is simple but epic at the same time. My personal favorite was Score from Wonder Women. 10/10 Points.

One of the biggest Questions was if Ben Affleck would do a good Job as a new Batman. He actually was the best Batman for me which i watched in a cinema till now.
The love Affleck has to play Batman is possible to see in each and every scene. With a better script he could have been an even better batman. The only thing more about this which i can say is that i am really excited for a batman movie. Rumors say that Ben affleck is writing the script himself. That he is a good writer can be seen in Gone, Baby Gone“, „Good Will Hunting“ and„The Town“ .

Another big surprise was Wonder Women for me played by Gal Gadot.Not only that Mrs.Gadot looks stunningly good but she was the best cast for this role as well. She takes her role very serious and is able to show how the amazoncharacter acts.

And so we arrive at the two lesser skilled main actors. First we got Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther. I don´t know what Zack Snyder told him before, but his performance appeared to be messy. He couldn´t really shine, even though i like him as a actor.
For me the far bigger problem is about Superman. Not because Henry Cavill isn´t a good Superman, but more because in the script he remains pale already. This is a pity and sadly a wasted chance.
It’s very notable that the Move serves as a basis for the ‚Justice League‘. Lots of Work to introduce the characters that we will see more often eventually. Zack Snyder has placed a lot of his classic elements once again. Dreamsequences, his camera work and slow motions are just a few of them. Sometimes the pictures appeared too dramatic. Superman is depicted like Jesus, wich isn´t necessary in my opinion. Surely some scenes could have been removed, because they don´t drive the plot forward. But i can live with that, because I had insanely much fun in the cinema! Awesome Fights, a strong introduction, a very cool battle between Batman and Superman (even though a bit short) and one of the best Batman single-battlscenes, that have ever existed. I wasn´t bored even once. The few one-liner that were there, were nice punchlines. There were a lot of ‚wow-effects‘.

Everyone who knows me, knows that i ususally view Blockbusters critically. But here the little boy in me simply came out.

Many other cirtics turned out rather pessimistic, … but hey. Fuck it. Cinemas have to do just one thing: Be fun. And ‚Batman vs Superman‘ managed to do exactly that.

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